Website Copywriting

Writing for humans first. Search bots second.

Are your visitors more than #wannahave?

Online competition is fierce.
You have 3 seconds to keep your reader from clicking away.
Sure, it’s looking

real purdy

But are your words helping you win more business?
More importantly: can the people who desperately need what you have find you online?


wondering why your visitors are leaving your site in an instant
wasting precious time trying to figure out how to rank on Google
sweating and swearing while trying to write words for your website


telling me your story so I can uncover the magic that sets you apart
doing something else – I’ll untangle your SEO. I’ve done it before 
making better use of your time while I get to work, writing words that work

Outsource the sweating, swearing and SEO website copywriting to me

so you can get back to doing what you do best.
I love how Caroline was able to transform my lengthy copy into something that was vibrant and concise. Caroline put together concepts that worked beautifully. From what I had to where she has taken it is remarkable.”
Sana Turnock - Courage Unravelled

Courage Mindset Coach, Courage Unravelled

SEO Website Copywriting packages include:

Client brief and an online strategy workshop
Customer and competitive analysis
Brand archetype questionnaire to nail your tone of voice
Recommended sitemap, page titles and wireframe for each page so you can see which content goes where
SEO optimised copy (up to 400 words per page) delivered in a developer-friendly format
Google-friendly title tags and meta-descriptions for each page

2 rounds of collaborative revisions

External proofreading

What’s your cuppa tea?

Other Services


Email Copywriting

Delight your subscribers with attention-grabbing emails and offers they find irresistible.


Landing and Sales Pages

Get landing pages that’ll make your list grow and sales pages that convert.

After something else?

I can put together a custom package that covers exactly what you need.