Taken and adapted from my first proper German textbook: Wicked German For The Traveler by Howard Tomb

The Betz is taking a bit of a nap à la Snoring Beauty.

Who knows when the restful slumber will end?

But while you're here, lemme show you just how fun German can be.

Ready? Just mix'n'match the parts below to impress your German-speaking friends.

Tip: to pronounce the "ich" or ick like a German, let the "ch" sound like a cat's hiss.

Bibbity bobbity boo-hoo :(


We sold out the program and had a 6-figure launch...

... with more ease than ever, thanks to the copywriting work Caroline did on our sales page and email sequence!

We exceeded our sales goals and closed 74% of calls 🥳🤯

Demir and Carey Bentley

Dr Giselle Tadros

Thank you for all your hard work. As usual, you are so right and I love everything you suggested.

I'm seriously trying to figure what else you can help me with so we can keep talking.

So easy to work with and such a pleasure!!

Brought in 21 new patients in the first 2 months

One small suggestion from Caroline to optimize the UX brought in 21 new patients in the first 2 months of relaunching the new site!

Dr Marryanne Shin

Ryan Spence

I whizzed through the audit &…wow! It’s so good! 

Your suggestions & comments were great & I loved that you explained why you were making them whole while not ‘demanding’ I make them.

It made me feel as if you were a guide rather than a dogmatic teacher, which, as someone who hates following rules, is the perfect approach for me 😄.

Made me feel like you really cared about me and my business

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