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You get the Betz


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site + Sales Page audit

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 Website Copy

Get more "HOLY WOW" reactions from website visitors and soul-mate clients.

What you get: A UX and SEO-optimised website that sounds like the brilliant, magical, yummy YOU that you are.

Also: you get a wireframe to make sure the right words get put in the right place for the all the right reasons.

Investment: From $3k USD

Get magical, You-Y
web copy

Random ass placeholder pic #1 till my branding pics are ready

Brought in 21 new patients in the first 2 months

One small suggestion from Caroline to optimize the UX brought in 21 new patients in the first 2 months of relaunching the new site!

That's a $210,000 life time value (a conservative estimate). 

Some of my new clients have told me the reason why they came to me was because of my website.

Dr Marryanne Shin

Therapeutic Optometrist

Zshush up yer magic

Site + Sales Page Audit

If you're a writer at heart who needs a fresh pair of conversion optimisation-y eyes to go over your wordy baby, an audit is for you.

  • A heuristic analysis based on a checklist of 48 factors –NOT a subjective critique or "tear down"

  • SEO, UX and design feedback cos it takes more than pretty words to get the "YES"

  • A video walking you through the what, how and why

  • A concise list of conversion-boosting tweaks

  • Follow-up Zoom consult - you get 30 mins to get answers to any burning questions

get an Audit that
makes you LOL
(and $)

Investment: $1k for your sales page or 3-pages of your site.

SEll Your thang

Sales Pages

Want personality-soaked sales pages that sound like you and sells your magic, too?

get a magical
sales page that sells

Random ass placeholder pic #2 till my branding pics are ready

(Don't worry if you're not exactly Saturday Night Live-y – I can make you sound like You on TEDTalk crack)

Investment: From $5k - includes a sales email sequence.

AND a wireframe to make sure the right words get put in the right place for the all the right reasons.

Easy as an easy thing

Full Launch Copy

Want to hand over the whole launch-shebang copy to the Betz?

  • Pre-launch AND post-launch strategy
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Sales page
  • Pre-launch and sales emails
  • Landing pages + Thank you pages
  • Client interviews and tasty testimonials
  • Voxer access for launch support (I can be bossy if that's what turns you on)
  • Easy collaboration with your tech and design team
  • Bonus hypnosis sessions to soothe your nerves and massage out any brainy knots

Aaall the moving parts of a launch, done for you (DFY).

 From $9k USD

Get easy DFY Launch strategy + copY

Random ass placeholder pic #3
till my branding pics are ready

... with more ease than ever, thanks to the copywriting work Caroline did on our sales page and email sequence!

We exceeded our sales goals and closed 74% of calls! 🥳🤯

Before hiring Caroline, I thought, "Will this really be better than me doing it myself?"

Well, we made far more sales than we would have without Caroline, and felt so proud of the copy that went out to our email list!

Caroline's attention to detail, storytelling, and focus on getting real customer testimonials via interviews was very impressive.

Caroline taking the copywriting off my plate allowed me to make my course better, by offering three extra bonuses I never would have had time to create otherwise.

I highly recommend Caroline's copywriting services because she gets results in terms of sales and brand credibility."

I was expecting Caroline to just go away and rewrite my sales page... but she absolutely blew me away.

She interviewed my clients, encouraged me to a Black Friday deal (separate to the launch) which I got my ROI just by doing that. 

The process of working with Caroline was incredible. She's so much fun to work with and very funny!

I love how responsive she was to my voice messages. My launch was over the Christmas & New Year holidays and Caroline was always on hand to help with the little pre-launch and launch panic moments.

In terms of results, it's my best launch ever with over 33% of event participants signing up to my flagship offer (annual membership).

Other unexpected bonuses: Caroline's given me the "blueprint" for future launches and encouraged me to continue making more content on Tiktok and other social media."

"Caroline is an encouraging Launch BFF!

Productivity Coaches and Best-selling Authors

Melanie Moore
- Melanie Moore EFT -

"We sold out the program and had a 6-figure launch...

Emotional Freedom Technique and Big Vision Coach

Demir and Carey Bentley
- Lifehack Method -

"The most personable and fun person I've ever
worked with

Caroline is the most talented copywriter I've ever met!

This praise is not hyperbole; I've never met a more adaptable writer or one with as much wit and charm.

As a writer and writing coach, I greatly respect her wordsmithery talents and the breadth of experience she offers.

Caroline never takes her gifts for granted -- she's a perpetual seeker of knowledge.

She loves to learn and grow as much as I do, which is why I've entrusted her as my mentor in all things copywriting and UX.

Camille Campins-Adams
- Author Legacy Project -

I whizzed through the audit &…wow! It’s so good! 

Your suggestions & comments were great & I loved that you explained why you were making them whole while not ‘demanding’ I make them.

It made me feel as if you were a guide rather than a dogmatic teacher, which, as someone who hates following rules, is the perfect approach for me 😄.


Life Coach for Lawyers
and Corporate Professionals

Writing Coach
and Book Launch Strategist

Ryan Spence
- Triple C Project -

Fuck Mindset, let's reset yer brainset!

Cackle-y Copy Coaching

Or a mentoring sesh if you prefer to call it that.

Whether you're a noobie copywriter or a coach who's got Pesky Poopfaces holding you back from doing things you KNOW will make a difference to your career (and life):

Poopface-y things like :
Flight/freeze response to publishing content
People pleasing and over-giving tendencies 
Limiting beliefs that just won't piss off
Offer and pricing woes
Imposter syndrome
Toxic perfectionism
Lack of confidence

Book a one-off sesh with me flick those poopy faces away to get you DOING more and thinking less.

How? By blending neuroscience and nervous system calming techniques with...

Practical and super simple tools
A do-able, yum-to-you "Plan" or next steps

Investment: $150 USD / 60 min 

reset yer brainset
and feel yum about
yer biz

Random ass placeholder pic.
NOT indicative of my coaching services!
Virtual hugs only, okay?


"Caroline reverse Fifty Shaded me... and helped me feel understood

I recently went through a traumatic situation which I thought I had to deal with alone.

But dearest Queen Betz showed me otherwise!

My feelings seemed like they were hostage to that event.

 I told her I felt like I was choking (not the fun kind) and Caroline whipped me out of it. 

In several steps, she detangled the whole situation with possibly the most creative visualisation techniques. 

What had been weighing on me for DAYS had disappeared in mere 40 minutes. 

Caroline's words, exercises, the guided meditation in her soothing voice - everything works!

I've written for many "soul" clients I love and respect, and Caroline's outlook on life and business is on par with them!

One more thing:
Ma’am please trademark your: “Unless I choose to cancel myself, no one can cancel me” #burn #shotsfired 🔥 

"She showed me what matters and what to let go of to rise and shine 

I had an amazing coaching session with none other than the Corean Queen Caroline Shine.

It must be my lucky day when I joined CopySkills™ and met this extraordinary woman.

I approached her for 1:1 coaching, and the value she delivered blew my mind.

She offered exceptional value during the discussion about mindset, copy, and mind-boggling challenges.

I have met only a handful of people with the same energy and positivity as her.

This Queen knows her stuff and showed me what matters and what to let go of to rise and shine.

With the newfound clarity imparted to me by the Corean-Queen Caffeinated drink, I am ready to take on new clients.

Let the games begin!😀 

Update: After the great mind-clearing and confidence building session, I asked my client for a raise of about 20%. 

And guess what??? 

He raised 30%!!!
 I love you Caroline. Thanks a bunch to make me see what I'm capable of doing and leading the way.

6-Figure Launch Strategist
 and Copywriter

Karima Khan
- karimakhan.com -

Afsheen Mujtaba
- LinkedIn Profile -

Ecomm Copywriter
and Email Strategist

lisa tripled her sales

I'm baby farm-to-table activated charcoal four dollar toast humblebrag pop-up, man bun +1.

suzanne had a 20k launch

90's mixtape activated charcoal copper mug, vape swag kombucha ramps paleo.

"Caroline is the kind of person who always goes above and beyond 

That too in a freaking awesome way!

She reviewed one of my cold email sequences and I can’t believe she came up with an hour-long video, helping me SEE things that I miss.

Her insights and critiques add more nuance and persuasive power to my copy. Think your copy is good? Wait till it meets her eyes! Lol!"

Emotional Response Copywriter
and USP Engineer

Mani Sadasivam
- LinkedIn Profile -

Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

"If you work with Caroline, you're guaranteed to see results!”

She’s not only helped me a ton with copywriting and referred me to high- paying clients who I love working with...

But Caroline's also helped me when I was feeling down during the beginning stages of my copywriting career. 

If you work with this Frau, you are guaranteed to see results!”

Hugh Tan
- Dad Joke Teller with Calves of Steel -

"Gonna watch this video multiple times. so damn valuable. 

I used to think my copy was good, but Caroline's review helped me understand where I was going wrong all these years."

Conversion Copywriter and Content Strategist

Noman Shaikh
- Website-

Random and rather pleasant placeholder pic. 
Yummy wall lights!

What makes ME the Betz

Short for: Stand The Fuck Out

I get up close and personal

Call me your collaborator, interviewer, coach, launch BFF or Asian Brene Brown shame buster.

I believe in your magic

People who are borderline obsessed with something are generally able to "sell" it to anyone who'll listen.

And I'm the nuttiest coaching fan-gal. Why? Cos my life coach saved my life. Not a hyperbole.

So when you couple that kinda believery with marketing nous and word witchery, you've gotcha self a magickal potion of marketing seduction. 

the only ego-centric bit on this page where it's tolerable to be
"I, I, I Captain Birds-I!"

Whether you're a loud extrovert, loud introvert, or a quiet human who prefers Subtly over Shouty...

I'll make you stand out in a way that feels good to you by uncovering and sharing your Uniqueness.

The key to getting you, your biz and tone of voice down is to get a lil kumbaya around the zoom campfire.

So ima ask you questions and tell you things your YES humans are too scared to tell you...

Why? Cos you're A FUCKING GIFT to the world who strives to do exceptional work for your humans.

And to do that, ya need a more ta-da (but un-yummy) truths than easy, ego-pleasing YESes.

I make sure you STFU

(sans nasty side effects like: sleaze, manipulation and dodgery)

Let's book this brilliant  bech

Bippity boppity boo... hoo hoo

This bech ain't taking on any new clients for launch or copy projects.

Why? I'm coaching and loving on my buckety dames in my coaching bucket called...

The F_cket Bucket

The only* marketing membership that doesn't promise you an ROI or 10x yer income. 

I mean, eleventy figure months are like sooo yesterday, bae.

My "promise"? 

F_Cket Bucket

Random pic #? Hope that's a macadamia milk latte cos this bech is lactose intolerant

I'm giving my ladies what they want:

Ease-filled and yummy marketing strategy and copy coaching 

Aaand I'm also giving what their brains and bodies crave:

Nervous system regulation

With splashes of woo + hypnosis, cackle-out-loud moments and love-yer-face-off energy.

If that sounds like fun, hit the red button for more info. 

PS: Only for women. Soz, men.

*that I know of

Random ass placeholder pic #8
IRL hugs on our retreats, perhaps?

Get yerself