Landing & Sales Page Copywriting

Get the clicks. Convert like crazy.

“I can’t wait to write a landing page.”

“I’ve got the time to write a killer sales page.”

Said no business owner I know.

Looking for a copywriter who’s got the feels AND

the time for writing high converting landing and sales pages?


You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s where you’re at:

You’ve made a new thing.

Or you’re offering a new service.

A life-changing, soul-soothing, physically-uplifting (insert offering).

Maybe it’s just a pretty thing. Who doesn’t want something cute?

But if you’ve been struggling (for hours, if not days) with your landing or sales page, you might be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

You’re tired of wasting what little time you have.

It’s time to call in reinforcements.

Skip the word wrestling and plug-and-play templates (that don’t work).

Allow me to bob and weave phrases that put even the most elusive prospects in your corner.

By joining the conversation going on in their heads with data-driven copy, I’ll help you smash your expectations (more clicks and cashola).


We have been struggling for years to come up with an easy, streamlined way to sell our high-ticket program. This past week, we sold out the program and had a 6-figure launch all with more ease than ever, thanks to the copywriting work Caroline did on our sales page and email sequence! We exceeded our sales goals and closed 74% of calls 🥳🤯

Carey Bentley, Co-founder and CEO of Lifehack Method

caroline betz sales page copywriting copyhackers
caroline betz landingpages copyhackers

Other Services


Email Copywriting

Delight your subscribers with attention-grabbing emails and offers they find irresistible.


Website Copywriting

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