It's got fuck all to do with mindset or 'fixing you'. Psst! Yer NOT broken!

Discover The Scientific And Enduring Magic That Helps You Market Your Gifts With Excitement And Run An Unapologetically-You Business...

Calling all women in biz who are wondering if you’re cut out for this #boSsBae scene...

Cos the "Put Yer Biz On Autopilot" and 7-figure Pooprint Ra Ra makes you wanna ruuun!

Calling all women in biz who are wondering if you’re cut out for this #boSsBae scene cos the "Put Yer Biz On Autopilot"
and 7-figure Pooprint Ra Ra makes you wanna ruuun!

That's aligned with your values, desires and season of life...

So you can serve knicker-wetting dream clients in a way that nourishes you and your bank account...

And make the impact you were born to make... in your unconventional and beautiful way

I'm curious and want more info...

Even if it's a resounding Fuck No to the
7-fig Alphalpha bOsSbAes of the world? 

Even if it's a resounding Fuck No to the 7-fig Alphalpha bOsSbAes of the world? 

What if you could finally love the face off your business and make the kind of Fuck Yes Impact and Mmm-Yes Money you want?

  • Aall the books
  • Aall the podcasts
  • Eleventy webinars and bought the hyped-up masterclasses
  • Paid memberships, masterminds and programs 
  • Worked on myself –  coach(es), therapists and DIY

All. The. Things

RRP: $Free.97 to $77.777

... Am I actually cut out for this
be-yer-own-boss gig?

Or would it be better for my sanity and self-esteem to:

a) Give up
b) Go back to my easier but more soul-sucking 9-5
c) Sell my feet pics?!"

“And why does building a business that nourishes me (and my bank account) feel like pulling teeth when I've already tried All. The. Things?!

umm... Yes, bech. But how?!

How I feel when I work my magic

You'd be hella disappointed.

Sure, I could tell you all the things Alfalpha pHeMales and bEtA dOods promised me when I started this entrepreneurial fAiRyTaLe.

I could even wrap it up in pretty persuasive "ethical" Broetry to make you spend more. #gross

But I have a conscience and I believe in karma, so please trust me when I say :

(And buy my course, bech!)

"Yes, ofc you're cut out for this shit! All you have to do is keep dreaming, hustling and think positive thoughts!"

If you think I'm gonna say

Not everyone is suited to the entrepreneurial way of working and living...

Aaand not every entrepreneur must do things like Tomasina, Divya and Harriet earning 6+ Figs to live a #blessedLife

So if you're inspired to follow the
  • Pull of your heart and purpose
  • Whisperings of your Inner Wizard
  • Sweet subtle signs of Serendipity 

...without feeling like a worthless pile of poo – cos yer not yet "reaching your potential" i.e. earning HOLY-WOW-I-MAKE-6-FIGS money.

And you feel it in your beautiful bones that being your own boss and sharing your magic is the best way for you to make Fuck Yes impact...

Keep reading to discover WHY doing business feels So. Damn. Hard.

And HOW you can make it feel EASIER and YUMMIER to do it YOUR way...

Obligatory confetti

Another mastermind
Another program
Another course
Bechface here
Or even me

Bech, pls! You want me to pay you 5-figs to lean in and earn 6-figs? So cute! I don't do LV and I wanna Lay. TF. Down

That's right. You don't need me.

So what am I doing here?

I'm doing my darndest to write a sales page that'll help you market and feel better by merely reading the longest sale page you've ever read... EVEN IF you don't take me up on my offer.


Cos the world needs yummier marketing and more impact makers feeling better about their businesses (and themselves) so they can keep sharing their magic.

Writing this sales page and the thought of helping every reader gives me pure joy – more than writing kickass copy for my kickass klients.

And cos it's my biz and my life, ima do this salespage my way cos... I can.


Without investing in

Carey & Demir Bentley


Best-selling Authors
and Productivity Coaches

Before we decided to work with Caroline, I was wondering, ‘Will this really be better than me doing it myself?’

We made far more sales than we would have without Caroline, and felt so proud of the copy that went out to our email list!

Caroline’s attention to detail, storytelling, and focus on getting real customer testimonials via interviews was very impressive.

With Caroline taking the copywriting off my plate, it allowed me to make my course better by offering three extra bonuses I never would have had time to create otherwise.

I highly recommend Caroline’s copywriting services because she gets results in terms of sales and brand credibility."

"We sold out the program and had a 6-figure launch with more ease than ever!

Delectable results

Forget the fact that I’ve helped launch courses and “high-ticket” coaching programs for Forbes-features coaches, awe-inspiring health professionals and internationally best-selling authors. 

Or the coaches I'm helping on the daily by coaching their unconscious, affecting real behavioural change.

Or all the things I’ve done and invested in to get where I am today. #yawn.

The braggier and not-so-boring bit?

I have 15+ years of unique, innovative, First-Class (ofc!) and supercalifragilistic experience in:

Feeling shame and unworthy cos I didn’t become a:
  • Doctor
  • Professor
  • Trophy Wife
  • Golden Child
  • Human Rights Lawyer 
  • Birkin-wearing BosSBae
  • Ladylike And Elegant Laydee Mama who never loses her shit or gets shouty

Potato Lover, Mother To A Kiddy Kiddo and Wife of The Whole Greek Alphabet Male

Why settle for an Alpha when you can marry a man who's aaall the letters? #extra

I’m also the recipient of 3 Gremlin’s Gotcha Good Awards for:

  • Buying and eating shit I didn’t need, to feel less shit for a New York minute
  • Convincing myself I was broken and doing all the things and spending lots of coin to “fix” myself
  • Feeling like the biggest Imposter and Fraud who overcompensated for her perceived lack of skills by doing more more more! 

But that's not all! 

The coach's copywriter & copy coach who Coaches other coaches who...lmao

Hi, I'm Caroline Betz

WHO TF is this bech and why should I trust her?

Caroline is the most talented copywriter I've ever met!

This praise is not hyperbole; I've never met a more adaptable writer or one with as much wit and charm.

As a writer and writing coach, I greatly respect her wordsmithery talents and the breadth of experience she offers.

Caroline never takes her gifts for granted -- she's a perpetual seeker of knowledge.

She loves to learn and grow as much as I do, which is why I've entrusted her as my mentor in all things copywriting and UX."

Why this queen chose me to mentor her

"The most personable and fun person I've ever worked with

Camille Campins-adams
Book coach & book launch strategist
Florida, USA 

But the betz thing I'm
knicker-wetting grateful for?

I was also incredibly skilled at:

  • Intermittent Self-Loathing (18:6)
  • Having no boundaries
  • 24/7 People-Pleasing
  • Gaslighting myself 
  • Toxic perfectionism
  • Undercharging and “over giving”
  • Second-guessing my abilities and talents
  • Putting everyone’s needs above my own happiness all the time
  • Blaming the world and other bottomholes for all my “problems”


Results: from shit to good, but I didn't get long-term relief or results

What was making me dip in and out of hyper-to-always-there-in-the-background anxiety and I'm-never-getting-outta-bed depression wasn't my highly sensitive and "weak" personality...

The reason why I felt okay one moment and convinced myself I was a sad sack of shit the next wasn't my poor self-esteem...

My inability to feel worthy of love, connection and money wasn't because I was a shit entrepreneur who wasn't cut out for biz...

(according to the 6+7 figure programs I'd joined and didn't finish... tbh they felt so un-Me or made me think, 'Fuck this shit')


The source of my decades-long wrongness and brokenness wasn't what I believed... 

The Facepalm discovery that

The Magical Source of My Ease and dis-ease?

Fuck mindset*.

How can you control, change or affect your:
  •  Thoughts
  •  Beliefs 
  •  Mind

... when your "operating software" that makes human-ing possible has a glitch?

How could you possibly feel safe in your head and body when your cerebral software is on the blink?

In my desperate attempts to reduce the stress of being inside my brain – doing everything I could to get outta my head...

I forgot it was my brain and its operating software AKA The Nervous System that was the source of my grief and the solution.


I discovered my dysregulated nervous system – and more specifically, low vagus nerve tone –  poo-pooed my physical and psychological well-being.

I finally understood why I felt the things I felt and thought the things I thought...

And why all the:
  • Psychotherapy, CBT and medications felt like a bandaid solution till the next "crisis"
  • Mindset work, affirmations, woo et al, couldn't give me long-lasting relief from my struggles
  • Programs, memberships, masterminds and biz blueprints couldn't help me create the kind of business I was desperate to run and love

My failure to adhere to the incompatible-to-my-brain-programs and "solutions" only made me feel worse about myself...

And deepened the grooves in my brain that connected "success" to not-enoughness.

So when I made the connection between how my brain was operating to how I was feeling, a giant weight lifted off my shoulders:

I wasn't broken

But the way my brain was trying to keep me safe was. 

My Nervous System

My Brain

The Queen of All Bodily Happenings, The Thor-ess of Thoughts and Empress of Emotions


A whole bunch of cnuty unresolved traumas

Which cnut gifted me a flabby vagus nerve? #rood

That made me cycle through
the 4f trauma responses

Think Bridget Jones on
<insert stimulant or depressant of your choice>

Betzi's Guide to Nervous system regulation

Dr Gabor Mate
The Polyvagal Theory by
Dr Stephen Porges
Peter Levine
Irene Lyons
Sally Hardie
The Nervous System School (Jessica Maguire)
Somatic Experience Therapy
Love, LOLs + Sexy Time with someone you love + feel safe with

Free to $$$

The Betz meaning?

Once I figured out how to regulate my nervous system, I never had to rely on anyone or anything to be able to calm, soothe and heal myself. 

My sense of agency increased.

My fear to show up as 100% me decreased.

And I finally felt free to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do with business AND life.

Sans shrooms, witch brooms or woo.
(I still dabble in woo, but it's no longer a fix-me pill.)

My response to hustle culture on all my SM platforms. Who even am I?

Meaning: I could change the way I was thinking, feeling and living by simply regulating my nervous system.

Meaning: it can change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganising its structure, functions, or connections°.

Cos I knew from eons of brain-tingling neuroscience study that the brain is a plastic mothertrucker

And Thank ganesha for this discovery

The nitty gritty of how nervous system regulation changed my life

The nitty gritty of how nervous system regulation changed my life

  • Minimal to no generalised anxiety – the kind that was lurking 24/7
  • My love and appreciation of my life returned and grew like a mothertrucker
  • Inner sense of self-worth – I feel worthy as a worthy thing just for breathing
  • Boundaries of boron – because I feel safe to say NO. I no longer please others to feel better about myself or feel ABCDEFG enough. I am already enough
  • Strengthened my self-compassion which allowed me to make mistakes and keep going, even when things got hella hard
  • Started to un-shame the parts of me I thought were wrong, and in the process found the unique medicine I'm meant to share with the humans who need it
  • Better sleep which we all know has about 111 benefits
  • Slowing down of thoughts which used to leave me exhausted, anxious and doubting myself
  • Self-love – the same kind of fierce love I extend to my kiddo and husband
  • Attracting more like-minded humans who do epic things from high-flying C-suite folk to full-time stay-at-home parents with side gigs who create joy and curiosity in 12 year olds… tldr fellow yummy humans who wanna human better 
  •  Showing up as my <insert all the things> self  – cos I felt safe. More importantly, I could create a sense of safety when I moved into nervous system activation

It would delight my deltoids and rock my rectus abdominus to give you... 

Joining fellow misfit Queens who feel good (or wanna feel good) about their quirks, spiritual beliefs, rood thoughts, potty mouths, divine femininity, love of nice things…

And wanna have a fuck ton of fun while making
Mmm Yes Monet!!!


Nervous system regulating sessions to upgrade any glitchy cerebral hardware. Overcome self-sabotage that's stopping you from doing „hard“ shit you KNOW will bring you closer to your goals... 


Coaching, copy critiquing, simple launch tips, and industry expert masterclasses on how to sell with ease, joy and FUN


Marketing yer business that's in alignment with your values, desires and lifestyle... and doing it with unapologetic YOU-ess and joy – even if it means it seems less "successful" than your colleagues


Doing YOU and business YOUR way… and feel as worthy as a worthy thing just for BREATHING (and not cos of your X figure months)


If you're a woman in biz who's knicker-wetting hot for:

So, my queen...

No must-watch masterclasses!

No roadmaps or blueprints to follow!

No forced accountability!

No pressure to show yer face!
(or swear lol)

  • Turn-up-if-you-want coaching calls
  • Live and synchronous feedback on your copy
  • Fuck tons of fun with women who don't need to be 7-figure Alpha Phemmz in 7 weeks

No judgement or shaming!

No egomaniacal power trips!

A marketing membership for
women in biz with a brainy twist.

Run a business that reflects your unique personality and creativity YOUR way. 

Love your business cos it's
congruent AF with YOU.

The Fcket Bucket

an Invitation to

Market your magic in a way that feels good

Regulate your nervous system and start feeling safe to Do you

widen YOUR window of tolerance to doing Hard things

Follow your own roadmap
(your desires)

Unreal results

"I had the pleasure of watching Caroline's brilliance in action... she made it this brilliant, sounds-like-me, perfect thing to share with my clients. 

This Queen got her sales page to reflect Her magic #vibrating

REbecca Vigelius
Certified Holistic sleep and coach for women

I'm still in awe of our session. And so excited to put my new sales page out into the world.

Thank you thank you for your brilliance and generosity with time ✨💖”

Rebecca's also a conversion copywriter cween who's written for legends galore

A space that offers you

Full-Body Tingles

the fcket bucket's the space I wish I had when I first started this entrepreneurial fairytale or poe-esque horror story depending on the day (most days)

Bilateral Braingasms

Moist and Moreish Marketing Magic

instead of things that get you into fight/flight/freeze/fawn

instead of brain farts and lies that smell and sound like ass

the kinda marketing – or sharing, as I like to call it – that feels feline fine and becomes a joyful habit

Say no more!

the fcket bucket's
the space I wish I had...

When I first started this entrepreneurial fairytale or Poe-esque horror story depending on the day (most days)

Once upon a time, I was a wee little copy cub looking for my first gig.

Like all freelancers I was caught in a beginner's catch 22:

You need experience to get hired but you need to get hired to get experience. 

Fast forward a month later, having little to no success, I decided to join a pack: a copywriting community with a marketing mentor.

That was how I met a blinding ball of LED light and love aka Caroline Betz. 

She was the one who reached out to me first with a friendly paw even though she didn't have to (fellow introverts can relate). 

She's a 6-figure launch strategist who could have stuck to the other big shots in the community.

But she didn't because she cared.

Before I knew it, I was writing for one of her clients and even offered to pay me even though I said I would do it gratis. 

Caroline walked me through a video breakdown and told me in clear words that this was not a writing problem, but a not-paying-attention-to-the-details problem. 

The result? The most 🔥 copy I've written to date. 

For this I'll be eternally grateful to this cult copy cween ✒👑

“I've written the most 🔥 copy to date and I'm set up for success – in just a week”

Under Caroline's divine tutelage

Bushra Kothari
Direct response copywriter
and email marketer

With Zoom sessions that get you doing simple things to increase your nervous-systems flexibility and resilience.

In science speak: calm your over-activated nervous system and/or stimulate your under-activated one.

The result?
Release anxious energy, self-doubt, overthinking and many other symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system.

Warning: there may be fingering involved lol (the Vagal nerve kind)

The How

Regulate Your
Nervous System Like a Mothertrucker

Step 1

LET'S get moist with 

Copy, Marketing and Brainset-Heartset Coaching

Step 2

Get your copy and marketing looked at– website, SM bios, sales pages, emails and launch strategy. You’ll get feedback via google docs and screencasts. 

PLUS 3-4x monthly coaching calls on all things marketing and life.

So you can zshush up yer words and walk away feeling more confident about how you show up online (and IRL).

I'm frank but always kind

With too simple-to-be-true stuff

What kind of copy / Marketing 
feedback and coaching Do I get?

What kind of copy / Marketing 
feedback and coaching Do I get?

  • Sexy Sales Pages and Woah! Web Copy 
  • How to write compelling emails and subject lines
  • Launch strategy that feels good to you
  • Minimal Viable Launches
  • Copy with personality (that reflects YOU)
  • Content Creation – across all platforms
  • Offer Optimisation
  • Unique Value Propositions 
  • Email Sequences
  • Using laughter to sell (comedy)
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Marketing and writing copy that empowers your dream client – no more ick, sleaze and "selling" or "persuading"
  • And more! 

What does the coaching schedule look like?

What Does the coaching schedule look like?

Times are subject to change to make live calls as accessible to as many Fcket Bucket Dames around the world.

  • Nervous System Regulation Classes: Thur 3/4x month
         10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

  • Copy + Marketing Coaching Call: Tues 2x month
         10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET  | 12pm EST|  3am AEDT

  • General Coaching and Hypnosis: Tues 2x month

        10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

  • Coffee / Chai / Champagne Social: Fri 1x month
         Alternating between the two times
         10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

  • Guest or Betzi Masterclass: Date TBC 1x month

All links to calls are accessible via the Skool platform.

Calls will be recorded and uploaded onto Skool.

Unreal results

“Caroline is an encouraging launch BFF!"

Best launch results to date

Melanie Moore
EFT and big vision coach

I was expecting Caroline to just go away and rewrite my sales page... but she absolutely blew me away.

She encouraged me to a Black Friday deal (separate to the launch) which I got my ROI just by doing that. 

The process of working with Caroline was incredible. She's so much fun to work with and very funny!

In terms of results, it's my best launch ever with over 33% of event participants signing up to my flagship offer (annual membership).

Other unexpected bonuses: Caroline's given me the "blueprint" for future launches and encouraged me to continue making more content on Tiktok and other social media."

Ask For What You Want And Need

Step 3

Yes, bech.

My motto: You don’t get if ya don’t ask.

Use the Fkcet Bucket Community to ask and talk about all yer burning
- Life
- Biz (launch, offer creation, copy)
- I'm-losing-my-fucking-shit
Kweschens, Kwalms and Konzernz.

Ask for help, support or a spicy mum joke

What does this look like? Can you pls give me an example?

What does this look like? Can you pls give me an example?

Have a fuck ton of fun

Step 4

  • Dad/mum jokes 
  • Memorable memes
  • Saucy discussions
  • Wet-yer-pants SM shares
  • Monthly Zoom cocktail-mocktail- mocha chats
  • Accountability Pods
  • Co-working Sessions
  • Content Creation Brainstorming
  • Collabs 

Hypnosis and Woo

Step 5

Woohoo! Finally a bucket that combines neuroscience with pSeuDoScience. lol

Think: Hypnosis, Fast EFT and NLP plus other Woo-y special guests (astrology, crystals, manifestation).

There'll be no clucking like a chook in my grounded-in-neuroscience hypnosis sessions. 

Ima help you :
  • Access your inner wisdom 
  • Open up the possibilities in your brain to a Future You that might feel like a fantasy
  • Intentionally change the way neurons fire in your brain so you can create new thoughts and habits
  • Discover the power of self-hypnosis that takes you into a deeply relaxed state
  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system – helping you de-stress and unwind
  • Discover simple ways to feel better if you are prone to having anxious thoughts
  • Sleep better – that's right. This bech has The Sleep Protocol in her toolkit. Get ready to yawn like a yawny Queen.

Entirely optional. And no, you do NOT need a Yoni Egg!

Fun is a non-negotiable in The Fcket Bucket

Unreal results

“It's unbelievable how quickly Caroline can completely change the way you feel about something.

from anxious to confident in less than 30 mins

Sara Sherriff
dollmaker and course creator

I was anxious about running some events. Now I'm feeling grounded, capable and looking forward to them."

Post-event notes:
"It went well and my people seemed to love it! I also slept well the night before."

(We had a coaching session the night before the event using The Sleep Protocol)

Six gorgeous women with different skill sets who'll support you in finding your Business Happy Place.

Cos as much as I'd love to be all the things to all the people... I ain't an extra-terrestrial with that kinda ability.

Me. My love, attention, cheerleading and...

So egocentric!

Yer Slow and shine-y Action Bonus

Bonus guide

Jump in the Fcket Bucket NOw

I'm a Geriatric teenager who'll get you back to Capital-L Living. Love travel, beauty in all forms, crunchy food and cheesy 80's pop.

Mary wall

Camille Campins-adams

Editor, proofreader, copywriter and all round bossy old dame. Runner, swimmer, dyed-in-the-wool introvert.

I'll guide and motivate you to share a powerful message that impacts the world.

Mary cameron

I write 1000s of relevant words about AI and other SaaSy things in English, French and Italian. 

Laura mattiucci

Sue-Ellen Horton

I'm a renegade, working on invincibility. I help people set healthy boundaries in a sustainable way.

Astute, witty and funny AF SEO copywriter who whips up magnetic words for small biz owners and large corporations. 

Karen Keener

RRP: Priceless

RRP: Priceless

RRP: Priceless

RRP: priceless

RRP: Priceless

RRP: Priceless

Yer shine-y Action Bonus Dames

Editing Empress

Coach for Gen X Women

Book Launch + NLP Coach

Boundaries Coach

SEO and Content Coach

SaaS Content Coach

The Fcket Bucket






Your investment bit

But cos it's beta round, you get it for



Lid closes 7 April 2023

(Un)cool, Sexy, Weird, Quirky and Unconventional way of doing biz and life

In a space that welcomes, sees and honours your flavour of YOU-nique.

No matter where you come from,  who you love, who/what you believe in and if you're on #TeamReadyToWear or couture. 

Your only "requirement"? Come as you are.

Fucking own your

To feel safe and powerful enough to...

By slowly and safely stretching your window of tolerance to doing daring and scary things, come rain, hail or cancel.

Your purpose, values and desires are bigger than the opinion of others who don't value your magic.

Become uncancellable + Uncopyable


Fall head over Manolo heels in love with your biz

And your own face, cos you get to do business in a way that aligns with your values, desires, season of life and lifestyle.

Gone are the days of doing things for validation, people pleasing (at the expense of your health) and doing more more more cos "it's the done thing".

You do whatever the fuck you want cos it's your biz AND your life.

(Hot tip: no one can cancel you unless you cancel yourself. And no one can copy you if you're doing 100% you)

Show up online and IRL as yer gorgeous, authentic self

My stretch goal for you if you join us?

Since our coaching session, the thing that's stuck with me is the reframe you offered about perfectionism.

How not to see it as the enemy. That lifted such a weight off my shoulders... coaching with you felt so fun but also like, "Boom!" re: the perspective shift. 

You make content creation feel less of this big, heavy scary thing – and something more fun and playful."

Alice is now friends with perfectionism

Yes, the Betz magic works

Afsheen dared to ask for more

Karima felt reverse "fifty-shaded"

“I asked my client for a raise. I got more than I asked – 30%!

Caroline offered exceptional value during our coaching call about mindset, copy, and mind-boggling challenges.

I've met only a handful of people with the same energy and positivity as her.

 This Queen knows her stuff and showed me what matters and what to let go to rise and shine.

With the newfound clarity imparted to me by the Corean-Queen Caffeinated drink, I am ready to take on new clients." 

"I recently went through a traumatic situation which I thought I had to deal with alone.

But dearest Queen Betz showed me otherwise!

My feelings seemed like they were hostage to that event.

In several steps, she detangled the whole situation with possibly the most creative visualisation techniques. 

What had been weighing on me for DAYS had disappeared in mere 40 minutes. 

Caroline's words, exercises, the guided meditation in her soothing voice - everything works!

I've written for many "soul" clients I love and respect, and Caroline's outlook on life and business is on par with them!

One more thing:
Ma’am please trademark your: “Unless I choose to cancel myself, no one can cancel me” #burn #shotsfired 🔥 

Afsheen Mujtaba
Email copywriter

Tasty testies (testimonials)

"I'm making a lot more content with more EASE

Alice liljebäck
Life and success coach

Karima Khan
Launch strategist & copywriter

A space that feels






the fcket Bucket is

The Where

The platform of choice: Skool – the love child of a simpler Slack and a quieter Bookface.

Why Skool?

  • Fewer distractions
  • Calendar with zoom links 
  • Choose which posts to follow

In The F_cket Bucket Skool group, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. 


LET'S get wet with 

A year from now your clients will be ecstatic that you dived into
The Fcket Bucket today....

Feel good about running your business YOUR way with rebel Queens who shun hustle culture and do whatever the fuck they want cos they trust themselves

Express your gorgeous self and be accepted for your unique brilliance, NOT your bank account or bling 

Get detailed feedback on yer copy that's more than "Rewrite yer headline bech!"

Ask anything you want regarding your biz, offer, site, social media, launch
(or lunch) – and get answers

Get access to a marketing and copy cween coach who invests in coaches and professional development - I'm a forever work in progress

Figure out the best and You-est way to soothe, calm, rest and nourish yerself so you can be unapologetically you

By taking a sploosh in the Fcket Bucket,
you can...

Jump in the Fcket Bucket NOw

Try The Fcket Bucket for 30 days.
Leave sans hassle if it's not for you.

Just email to say you don't wanna get wet with The Fucket Bucket Boos anymore.

We shall release you with love and delete yer payment deets and never darken your inbox again.

get dry when
you want


The Fcket Bucket's for you if:

You wanna do biz your way

You're into hyper $$$ growth mode  and want a step-by-step plan to scaaaale!!!

being unapologetically  authentic
has been too scary to try... until now

YOU'RE a bigot

fun, playfulness, experimentation and rest feel like delicious and vital ingredients for your dream biz 

It's probably not for you if...

YOU're an asshole
(More than yer not)

Take the Fcket Bucket plunge now

The Fcket Bucket
Words and Values

Jump in the Fcket Bucket NOw

Just so You know...

Get FAQd


& Other Kweschens, Kwahms
and Konzerns

What the FAQ, bech? Isn't it too affordable / 'spensive?!

What the FAQ, bech? Isn't it too affordable or 'spensive?!

I love affordable.
I also love ‘spensive.

It’s all relative, innit?

But it’s Beta round, baby! I wanna get a chance to grow, and shape this bucket into something beautiful. 

The start of any journey is always interesting and cute… therefore the interesting and cute price.

But it’s for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!! Lmao (true, but).

I also realise this might be out of reach for some folks living in certain parts of the world or have certain circumstances.

If you can't wait to help me grow this thing into the most magnificent buckety palace I see it becoming…

And it’s TRULY a stretch, for the love of Ganesha and all things good, reach out to me to apply for a sliding-scale spot I've reserved:

Future scholarships and more sliding scale seats are on the agenda.

So watch this space!

Does it matter what kind of business or type of personality I have to join?

Does it matter what kind of business I have?


The Fcket Bucket welcome all women from any industry because:

  • Principles of conversion
  • Buyer Psychology
  • The way the brain moves in and out of regulation

Is the same.

So whether you're a(n):
  • Service Provider
  • E-Commerce owner
  • Non-Profit founder
  • SaaS owner

And are shy / bold / quiet / loud / introverted / extroverted / neurotypical / neurodivergent / reserved / in-yer-face-extra / whatever human design and enneagram you are...

You are welcome! 

Will I make more money if I join The Fcket Bucket?

Will I make more money if I join The Fcket Bucket?

No idea. I never have and never will guarantee a financial ROI. There are too many variables I can't control.

If more $$$ is the transformation you’re after, and you want a "proven" or "fail-safe methodology", yer better off going to Manifestation Bae, Money Shootmenow Camp, or Alfalfa Femininity Faeries..

Or any of the 1000s of programs that promise you such things.

But if you want more EASE, FUN and JOY, you’ll most likely experience the goodness by helping yerself with our guidance. 

Also: What price is worth inner peace to you? The kind of inner peace you can access any time.

Best part? I don’t give you that kinda cool-as-a-cucumber neutrality.

Ima show you how you can access that YOURSELF.

Also: from personal experience, that kind of light, bright, inner-peace energy doesn’t exactly repel money IYKWIM. 

When are the coaching calls and classes? 

When are the coaching calls and classes? 

Times are subject to change to make live calls as accessible to as many Fcket Bucket Dames around the world.

Nervous System Regulation Classes: Thur 3/4x month
         10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

Copy + Marketing Coaching Call: Tues 2x month
         10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

General Coaching and Hypnosis: Tues 2x month

        10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

Coffee / Chai / Champagne Social: Fri 1x month
         Alternating between the two times
         10am CET | 5am EST | 8pm AEDT
         6pm CET | 12pm EST| 3am AEDT

All links to calls are accessible via the Skool platform.

Calls will be recorded and uploaded onto Skool.

Show me yer marketing qualifications again!

Show me yer marketing qualifications again!

In case you’re the kind of human who loves to read every single word before making up their mind, I see you, boo… a very smart strategy!

Here’s a short list of the major investments in marketing education I’ve made and highly rate:

  • CXL Neuromarketer - with a mini degree in Digital Psychology in Persuasion and on track to get certified in Conversion Rate Optimization in 2023
  • Past Mentorship with Direct Response Legend, Pauline Longdon
  • Member of Content Bistro’s RTS Mastermind Group with Prerna Malik
  • Nabeel Azeez' Copyskills member (I had the honour of being a coach in the group but I had to decline cos of The Fcket Bucket) 
  • CTC Mastermind with Ry Schwartz and Phil Powiss
  • Codex Brand Voice Academy with Justin Blackman / Abbey Woodcock
  • Email Stars with Tarzan Kay
  • Copyhackers' courses
  • Kyle Milligan's Copysquad Lite member

Plus about 99 courses I’ve collected and absorbed by osmosis. Jkjk... about the osmosis bit.

I may be cackling and joking about IRL and on the interwebs, but when it comes to my craft, I am 

Creating exceptional copy + strategy as well as generating WTF ideas with the skills and knowledge I have is my MO, and I will never apologise for my love of discovering things and my epic course collection.

But what about results?
Who have you worked with? 

But what about results?
Who have you worked with? 

Past and current clients include:

Life, courage, big vision, EFT, copywriting, book, real-estate and productivity coaches

E-commerce, service providers, copywriters, health professionals, SaaS startup founders and internationally best-selling authors

Projects: websites, sales pages and website audits, landing pages, nurture / affiliate / sales emails, sales pages, pre-sell strategy, full live launch copy and strategy, brand voice guides, copy coaching and critiquing, marketing assistant to underground copywriting “top G”s.

The numbers? I dunno and I don’t really track ‘em cos I know when my clients are happy: cos they tell me. 

Their happiness is the whole point of them hiring me, innit? They want less stress, more fun and more opps to do what they love and get paid for it. 

They also hire me to make their magic come to life – the stunning stuff that’s inside their brain, heart and soul- through the words on their screen.

Look, I’ve helped my clients on successFUL and stressLESS 5 and 6+ figure launches but it’s not down to me. The copy is only 20% of the equation, if that!

They got great results cos they had a hot audience and a great product. 

They get phenomenal results and die-hard fans cos they keep showing up and do good work. 

So if you’re the kind of person who wants to scale FAST cos “MONEY LOVES SPEED!!!”, The F_cket Bucket’s not for you, cos that’s not my zone of genius.

Although… I do have money – just working on the fast bit. 

I’m sure sitting on my Citrine Yoni Egg and chanting into my Screaming Corean Bowl will have a Prince from faraway lands magically transfer 99 billion dollars into my account lmao

What qualifications have you got for coaching/hypnosis stuff?

What qualifications have you got for coaching/hypnosis stuff?

I'm an Integrative Life Coach, trained by Simone Seol and Melissa Tiers – the kick-assiest queens when it comes to changing brains and lives with the power of life coaching and hypnosis.

Simone Seol is a life coach who helps coaches market with joy.

Melissa Tiers is a hypnotist with over 20 years' experience. Her efficacy is so great that psychiatrists and therapists refer patients to her and learn from her.

I'm certified with:
- The Ethical Coaching Collective
- International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Continuing professional development is a non-negotiable to me so I'll turn up to the bi-weekly group practice and coaching sessions (when I can) that Melissa and Simone offers the alumni of  until she tells us all to fuck off in her usual lush and sweary way.

What qualifications have you got for the nervous system stuff?

What qualifications have you got for the nervous system stuff?

1) I've got a Bachelor's in Applied Science (Physiotherapy) where Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology were mandatory subjects

2) Over 10 years of clinical practice, using my knowledge of the central nervous system and pain science to decrease pain, increase function and quality of life of patients with acute to chronic pain with 1:1 manual treatment and 1: many group sessions

3) Alumni of The Nervous System School's The Vagus Nerve Program

Run by fellow physiotherapist, Jessica Maguire says,

"The Vagus Nerve Program is a profoundly transformative methodology of nervous system repair, that empowers you to step into the driver’s seat of your own health and wellbeing".

As with my stance on providing exceptional service and knowledge on things that turn me on, don't be surprised if this bech takes on a Masters in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience at Goethe Universität for the fun of it lol!

Will this help me with my <insert health condition>? 

Will this help me with my <insert health condition>? 

I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional. My services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.

As a copy and life coach, I am not providing healthcare, medical, psychotherapy or nutritional therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue.

The information provided on page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

Always seek advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before undertaking a new (mental and/or physical) health regimen.

Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical advice because of information you read on this page.

Do not start or stop any medications without speaking to your medical or mental health provider.

Please note that I can’t take any responsibility for the results of your actions, and any harm or damage you suffer as a result of the use, or non-use of the information available on this site.

Please use judgement and conduct due diligence before taking any action or implementing any plan or practice suggested or recommended on this page.

Please note that I don’t make any guarantees about the results of the information applied on this page.

I share educational and informational resources that are intended to help you succeed in running and marketing a business you love.

You nevertheless need to know that your ultimate success or failure will be the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond my knowledge and control.

The Fcket Bucket






Your investment bit

But cos it's beta round, you get it for



Lid closes 7 April 2023

If you've read the words on this page, you have the power to change your brain – and your life and biz.

It wasn't too long ago that despite having a life filled with yummy people who love me, bling things and extra experiences most people would chop off their non-dominant hand for...

I felt unworthy and broken. 

I couldn’t figure out how to make the impact I knew I NEEDED to make.

But once I regulated my nervous system and created my safety – Sovereign Safety, as my life coach puts it – I could trust myself.

Self-compassion came easily to me.

Self-love was a delicious bonus.

And now?

I OWN my Bougie as much as my Frougie #DiptyqueDuchess and #AldiLover

I run my business my way and feel excited to work ON and IN it. 

My self-worth bucket is full and has NADA to do with outside things.

I’m still an imperfect bossBaE and full-time cringe Queen who’s still figuring things out. 

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the inner EMPRESS and ASSHOLE that I am. 

Sans yacht, sans Bling Empire and sans Jason-Momoa look-alike King.

Fuck "reaching your potential". I see you in your highest potential already.

In love and lunar-powered led light

You don't need me.

Or another shiny thing to do XYZ for yerself or yer biz.

Last words from one queen to another

This Corean-Aussie coach has coaches. I ain't ever gonna stop getting help to grow and human better.

My Queen, the gifts that nervous system regulation has given me – self-compassion, self-love, worthiness, courage to be me and run a business I love MY way, and inner peace – are too good to keep to myself.

So ima do my absolute betz to get you closer to that “Oh, I’m the FUCKING TIT” place using evidence-based tools and techniques...

And help you get excited about sharing your Fabulosity with simple, easy and effective marketing magic...

So you can run your fun, nourishing and impact-making business YOUR way.

email me

Still on the Fence?

Umming and awwing be like...

Not that you asked, but here's my way of making decisions: If it's not a Fuck Yes, It's a Fuck Not (This) Now or an easy Fuck No.

If you're unsure, it's prolly not the thing or right timing for you.

But do come back if your body/heart/brain changes their mind and you get the Yes Vibes!

Only caveat: you'll have to wait till next time I open the lid and there be no more beta prices.

If you've got a question

Ethical Coaching and Marketing Standards

the Betz's Eleven

Unreal experiences from kings

Cos This bech is into serving Aaall kinda royals lol

Ry Schwartz
Copywriter and Co-Founder of Empire Engineering: The most complete marketing and sales training suite for high-integrity coaches, consultants and course creators

Shiv Shetti
a-lister endorsed Copywriter coach and
co-founder of Copywriting mastery mentorship program (CMMP)

The Fcket Bucket






Your investment bit

But cos it's beta round, you get it for



Lid closes 7 April 2023