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The Fcket Bucket Lid Is Now Closed

Never fear!
This bech might open it again soon-ish.

Wanna know when I open the lid of this 24-carat buckety goodness?

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YUSS, bech 
gimme gimme gimme 

A flan after midnight!

I mean, get me on the waitlist

Okay, maybe a few. 

But if you're reading this, yer prolly wondering if you need someone to "fix" your wonky, clunky stuckness. 

Your inability to do ABCDEFG. 

Well, I could tell you that you're right.

That you're broken, and all you need is my blueprint to bajillionaire success.

But I won't. Cos I can't. Cos I ain't no bajillionaire.

But you know what I am?

Who the cluck NEEDS another marketing or biz mastermind? Nobody, that's who!



Knicker-wetting excited to be doing what I do.

Come rain, hail or "cancel".

Whether I land a dream client, or pass on a client to a colleague (and give up 5-fig projects), I go to bed feeling as baller as Beyonce.

All the feels in The Fcket Bucket

Wanna *peace* of this weird-ass badassery?

Plus aaall the:
- Copy and marketing strategy coaching an ethical gal could want

- Boundaries and Blogging inspo
(weird combo but it's true and I love alliteration)

- Brain and mindset shifts around being a strong and boundaried woman in biz who doesn't have or want IG Babe vibes 

Get on The Fcket Bucket waitlist, a marvelous membership for quirky Queens who wanna do biz their way.

Create more magic and impact without having to worry about whether you’re good enough or what other people think

Have more head space to figure out what you really, really want (a la Spice Girls ofc) cos you don't have peeps preying on your doubts and insecurities to make a quick buck or feel better about themselves

Be part of a business community that makes you feel seen, accepted and loved for the magic you are and the gifts you have to share with the world… 

Without EVER having to: 

  • Tell anyone what you earn to prove yer worth (fucking cheek!)
  • Reveal how much you spend, whoops, I mean iNvEsT (none of anyone's fucking business)
  • Hide how much you secretly love to do jackshit on “Let’s Fucking Gooooo!” Fridays 
        (fuckety yuk yuk yuk)


You bet yer sexy ass it does

My goal?

Create a yummy world where biz rebel Queens like you can...

Get yerself