It’s not about me. It’s not even about you.

You’re here to attract your ideal clients – the ones who are an absolute joy to work with.

Let’s start with the bad news:

You’re not the hero of your story.

The clients you serve are.

Here’s the good news:

You’re the hero of my story.

Your voice. My words.

Together, we’ll talk to your heroes in a way that’s:


clear, not confusing (you’ll lose, if you confuse)


persuasive, not pushy (I’m allergic to sleaze)


kind, not kooky (cos you’re a warm human)

So why choose me over 534,877* health and wellness copywriters?

I’ll give you 4 reasons.

1. I’ve got hands on experience. Literally.

I’m a qualified physiotherapist and Bowen therapist.
I demystify medical jargon and make complex concepts comprehensible.
10 years + of helping people heal themselves taught me a thing or two about physiology and psychology.

Top takeaway
You want a copywriter with hands-on experience with clients working on their wellbeing.
You want a copywriter who knows the health and wellness sector inside out.

2. I’m a personal growth geek.

You’re looking at an unashamed seeker of balance, bliss and personal growth.
If it’ll get me happier, healthier and cleverer, I’m in. Yoga is my therapy of choice. Meditation kicks serious insomnia ass. Wim Hof breathing makes cold showers enjoyable. And for stress and overwhelm? I tap ’em away.
Top takeaway
You’re in the business of transforming people’s lives so you need a copywriter who:
– values, lives and breathes wellness and personal growth
– gets a thrill out of helping people like you do more of the good you do
– says wow to the woo

3. I’m culturally curious.

I was born in South Korea but I grew up in Australia. I moved to the UK with my better half before settling down in Frankfurt in 2014. I thrived in sunny, laid back Australia, got a cultural education in London and learned the value of uncompromising honesty in Germany.
Nimble creativity and a can-do attitude helped me learn to love long winters, master Deutsch and adore my German life.
Top Takeaway
A life filled with more exotic cultures than a jumbo pot of biodynamic yoghurt fuels creative copy.
You want a copywriter who’s:
– culturally sensitive and self-motivated
– comfortable with the exotic and adapts to anywhere

4. I’m a delight to work with. Yes, really.

I’m friendly – I’m an Aussie, after all.
I have lovely manners – I’m quintessentially Korean.
I always deliver on time – I’m practically German.
What’s more, I’m an INFJ and Enneagram 2. I’m driven to do what’s right and I’m hardwired to help you reach your goals.
Top takeaway
Choose a copywriter who’s a warm, friendly open-hearted human.
This will help make your project a breeze.

I was incredibly lucky to have worked with Caroline. She is a copywriter who cares. She took the time to understand my needs and wrote the words that show off my strengths in a way that sounded like me but better. More importantly, she got me the results that I needed.”

Manuela Rossi

Relocation Consultant

Good to know

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
The University of Sydney

Diploma in Copywriting
Blackford Centre for Copywriting

The Recipe for SEO Success Graduate

Member of the The Clever Copywriting Community
The home of successful copywriters

Fun to know

Side hustlin’ as a gospel singer (on hold for now cos, well, you know…)

Wannabe minimalist who can’t kick the book buying habit

Celery juice is my jam but I love Amarone and coffee just as much

A little (okay, a lot) obsessed with plant-based cooking with my German cooking machine

Great-granddaughter of South Korea’s first female dentist (according to my mum, who should know)

How I help


Email Copywriting

Delight your subscribers with attention-grabbing emails and offers they find irresistible.


Website Copywriting

Need words for your website? I’ll bang out charismatic copy that’ll make Google grin.


Landing and Sales Pages

Get landing pages that’ll make your list grow and sales pages that convert.

* just making that number up. It’s the first time Google couldn’t give me a definitive answer to a question. But you get my drift.