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ABout Caroline Betz

Classy* Corean
Copy Cween Coach 

Who's hell-bent on getting you




by humans who need your magic most.

Let's do this, Royal!

*it's all subjective, innit? Oxford dictionary on the streets, Urban dictionary in the... lol 

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Dearest Yummy, Lovely, Sexy Coach aka Change Maker...

I want to thank you from the bottom of my petri-dish shallow soul for all that you are and all that you're doing.

The world is an interesting place right now, and we need your knowledge, wisdom and magic more than ever.

Which is why I've taken it upon myself to do the unthinkable (to my old self):

To get my flat-as-a-pancake-Asian ass off my comfy couch and use my skillz, strengths and whacky sense of humour to promote the shiz out of yer biz.  

With no formal training in biz, marketing and writing, I took a chance in 2020. I listened to the pull of my heart, and here I am...

Change Makers Are The Tit

A highly-recommended copywriting marketer and friend to some to the most ethical and brilliant marketers and coaches this world has ever seen.

A sexy shout out to the:

  • Mind-blowing/numbing masterclasses I've looked at
  • Eleventy dozen courses bought, done (+ignored)
  • Masterminds I've loved and hated
  • Depression and anxiety whose wisdom revealed to me what I must do to find inner peace
  • Brilliant clients who've trusted me to promote their magic
  • My unwillingness to give up on my marketing love affair when the going got tougher than a shitty beef shank
  • All my digital marketing friends who've encouraged and supported me when the shit hit the shitty fan

The most regal and shouty shout out?

My life coach and mentors who've helped me feel, accept and love the Brilliance and Bottomholery that's me.

The result? I'm now doing what I'm meant to be doing with ease, joy and knicker-wetting excitement.

And this is why I love the face off all you change-makers.
They changed my life. And by extension – my King and Queenling's life. #Magic #MamaDutiesOverBizDuties

Now I'm here to help you change more humans' lives.

*not my colour but it'll do for now

in my not-so-humble opinion

And this Corean Aussie Copywriting Marketer Slash Coach will do everything in her royal power to make sure you STFO:

Stand The Fuck Out


By combining my knowledge of how the brain and body works with value and customer-centric marketing PLUS

Gently uncovering your EXTRA-ness, DELICIOUS-ness and BRILLIANCE with some unconscious coaching...

And giving you the un-soft love you need to do what you already KNOW in yer beautiful bones you must do.

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SUPER Tasty testies* from

Super Tasty Coaches

*short for testimonials

Never without

Red lippie: Maybelline + Lime Crime

favoUrite TRAVEL memory

Koh Yao Noi adventures... all the many times we've been

probably listening to

My podcast husbeast, Steven Bartlett (DOAC)

cocktail + Wine order

Martini and Tom Collins
Amarone and Sancerre

Human Design + Enneagram

Manifesting Generator
#7: The Enthusiast

Titbits about This Tit

self-indulgent but revealing bit

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My "G-class" Baby is Matt Black: A Gazelle Holland Bike

A few things I beleive

Kindness and curiosity first.

A few things I beleive

Money can buy you happiness. But it can't buy you inner peace.

A few things I beleive

Humanity over Hermes.
I do like Hermes, tho.

A few things I beleive

No one can cancel you unless you decide to cancel yourself.

A few things I beleive

A laptop on yer site doesn't make you look profesher.

Says the bech with laptop pics. They're placeholders, okayskies?

A few things I beleive

Why be a shit aLpHa MaLe
when you can be a Gamma Gal
who has all the fun?



Done For You

  • Sizzling sales pages that sell the fug out of your shizzle

  • Website copy that wows and gets more soul-mate leads

  • Email sequences that entertain AND bring home the vegan bacon

  • Launch strategy aligned with your lifestyle and values

  • Launch copy - from minimal viable funnels to let's-break-the-internet ones

  • Heuristic analysis based on a checklist of 48 factors –NOT a subjective critique or "tear down"

  • Includes SEO, UX and design feedback cos it takes more than pretty words to get the "YES"

  • A video walking you through the what, how and why

  • A concise list of conversion-boosting tweaks

  • Follow-up Zoom consult - you get 30 mins to get answers to any burning questions

Sites + Sales Pages


branding & Messaging

Brand Voice Bible

  • NOT your typical "Tone of Voice Guide" – it's more a like company handbook that makes it a snap for your team to bring your mission, vision and values to life
  • The perfect brand voice style guide for rebel bosses with systems-obsessed team members - templates, how-to-write guides, UX/UI/SEO best practices and more!

  • ONLY for business owners who hire (and fire) writers. With a mathematical breakdown of your voice, this guide will make it impossible for them to fug it up :)

Sans sleaze and cheese

Get a consistent
brand voice

And get more sales

Get copy that connects
AND sells

Zsuzh up your copy

And delegate your copy like a dame/duke

How the Betz can help you


Get the Betz

And get back to your Dame/Duke
Duties – working your MAGIC!

Coaching the Unconscious


Copy Coaching 

"Hilfe! Hilfe! Hilfe!"
"I don't know if my stuff is any good..."
"Am I over charging or under charging?"
"Am I really cut out for this freelancing/coaching gig?"
"I just KNOW I gotta do this... but why is it so. Damn. Hard?!"

If one or more of the above sounds familiar, hit the red button for some Hilfe yer brain might need

Get yerself