With the power of REST, self-compassion and your beautiful brain.

Be the most well-rested bech you know

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On a planet called Earth,

Lived a magical creature who knew their worth.

They were clever and kind, and had gifts to share,

But they needed some help making more people care.

They had VAs and PAs, all A-s under the sun,

But they just couldn't make their gift sound like "The One"

The thing that their people would walk on glass for

To get it and and use it to make their soul soar

Their best-kept secret is themselves, so sad :(

And it's making this poet unbelievably mad.

Once upon a time...

So, my fellow impact-maker and bullshit rule-breaker

Blends science with art (neuropsychology + empathy) to motivate and empower your people to choose you.

So your marketing is aligned with you and your customers' values...

Gives you the betz marketing strategies learned from the top 1% of experts in copywriting, marketing and psychology.

So A) you get what's working and B) you make more Monet...

Aaand you want to team up with a marketer who's obsessed with coaching as much as persuasion mastery...

many brain calories were burned in the making of this copywriting-marketer-unicorn

Transforms bland and WTF-does-that-mean messaging into clear-as-simulated-diamond bling. 

So you STAND. THE. FUG. OUT. and make the impact you want...

Say Guten Tag to...

If you're looking for a coach and copywriter who...

Your brand spanxing new

Fairy Copy Mother, Coach and Resting Bech (face)...

I'm Caroline Betz, a karaoke-lovin', German marryin' Corean-Aussie.

Oh, I'm also woo AF

As a born-again Coach-ian, it's not just my pleasure – it's my fcukn duty to spread the good word(s).

(like saving lives and helping you fall deeply in love with yourself just for breathing)

Cos coaches do epic shit

And I'm here to turn your marketing pumpkin into a G-class carriage.


Wanna do epic shit together? Keep scrollin'!

Boring, fluffy and sleazy marketing

Or a Tesla. Or a classic Dutch bike (my preferred mode of transportation).

One of the side effects of getting coached by the world's best coach (for me) was that is made me fall in love with paying it forward. 

So I coach as well: coaching and encouraging rest, naps and being a lazy-ass* bech. 


For love and money, I spanx the only thing that needs to be skinnier to be prettier:

Carey & Demir Bentley


Best-selling Authors
and Productivity Coaches

Before we decided to work with Caroline, I was wondering, ‘Will this really be better than me doing it myself?’

We made far more sales than we would have without Caroline, and felt so proud of the copy that went out to our email list!

Caroline’s attention to detail, storytelling, and focus on getting real customer testimonials via interviews was very impressive.

With Caroline taking the copywriting off my plate, it allowed me to make my course better by offering three extra bonuses I never would have had time to create otherwise.

I highly recommend Caroline’s copywriting services because she gets results in terms of sales and brand credibility."

"We sold out the program and had a 6-figure launch with more ease than ever!

Delectable results


Done For You

  • Sizzling sales pages that sell the fug out of your shizzle

  • Website copy that wows and gets more soul-mate leads

  • Email sequences that entertain AND bring home the vegan bacon

  • Launch strategy aligned with your lifestyle and values

  • Launch copy - from minimal viable funnels to let's-break-the-internet ones

  • Heuristic analysis based on a checklist of 48 factors –NOT a subjective critique or "tear down"

  • Includes SEO, UX and design feedback cos it takes more than pretty words to get the "YES"

  • A video walking you through the what, how and why

  • A concise list of conversion-boosting tweaks

  • Follow-up Zoom consult - you get 30 mins to get answers to any burning questions

Sites + Sales Pages


branding & Messaging

Brand Voice Bible

  • NOT your typical "Tone of Voice Guide" – it's more a like company handbook that makes it a snap for your team to bring your mission, vision and values to life
  • The perfect brand voice style guide for rebel bosses with systems-obsessed team members - templates, how-to-write guides, UX/UI/SEO best practices and more!

  • ONLY for business owners who hire (and fire) writers. With a mathematical breakdown of your voice, this guide will make it impossible for them to fug it up :)

Sans sleaze and cheese

Get a consistent
brand voice

And get more sales

Get copy that connects
AND sells

Zsuzh up your copy

And delegate your copy like a dame/duke

How the Betz can help you


Get the Betz

And get back to your Dame/Duke
Duties – working your MAGIC!

Coaching the Unconscious


Copy Coaching 

"Hilfe! Hilfe! Hilfe!"
"I don't know if my stuff is any good..."
"Am I over charging or under charging?"
"Am I really cut out for this freelancing/coaching gig?"
"I just KNOW I gotta do this... but why is it so. Damn. Hard?!"

If one or more of the above sounds familiar, hit the red button for some Hilfe yer brain might need

Alexandro Jade

High-level Business Mentor to 6-Figure Plus Photographers

This paired with your genius in marketing and copywriting makes you a STELLAR copywriter and consultant that always over delivers.

When you critiqued and rewrote some of my copy, it really felt like each piece you changed was put there like a strategic piece that would play a really important role in a battle
(and it did 😂 it converted so well).

You are also very easy to work with, because you are very friendly, fun, and FUNNY, so work never feels like work!! 🎉"

“You really have a gift and expertise in making people HEARD and UNDERSTOOD

I use a 4-step formula to get to the core of your people's implicit emotional motivations and objections.

The result? Messaging and design elements that light up the brains AND hearts of your people
(i.e. more love for you and more Monet).

Your copy gets massaged till your personality and/or brand voice is dripping out of your screen's pores.

Let's take it up a notch (or 10) by sprinkling on UX and UI optimization fairy dust - making it as easy AF for your people to choose you to work with.

AKA getting into your people's minds with voice of customer research.

My point of difference?
I also make sure their unspoken desires and core values are reflected and addressed in the copy and design #empathy.

or neuromarketing – traditional marketing on neuroscience and behavioural psychology crack.

When you know how the brain makes decisions, how to keep your people reading....

Aaand make your messaging relevant AF... your offer will be a no-brainer ;)

  • You feel proud of
  • Sounds so very you
  • Attracts more of your people
        (and makes you more Monet)

My 4-part recipe that blends science with empathy to give you ethical copy that:

The B.E.T.Z. Framework


Brain Marketing

Brain Marketing

Emotional Resonance

Camille Campins-Adams

Writing Coach and Book Launch Strategist

Caroline is the most talented copywriter I've ever met!

This praise is not hyperbole; I've never met a more adaptable writer or one with as much wit and charm.

As a writer and writing coach, I greatly respect her wordsmithery talents and the breadth of experience she offers.

Caroline never takes her gifts for granted -- she's a perpetual seeker of knowledge.

She loves to learn and grow as much as I do, which is why I've entrusted her as my mentor in all things copywriting and UX.

"The most personable and fun person I've ever worked with...

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